People who do sports stay fit, and help their studies too: this is the main concern of the Padova University Sports Centre (CUS), the most extensive sports facility in the province, which offers many opportunities to take part in sports, competitive and amateur alike, at the two structures located in Via Giordano Bruno and Via Jacopo Corrado. The Centre is open to students, to all employees of the University and, under certain conditions, to ordinary members of the public as well.
In addition to services for payment, there are "no pay" activities for which the Centre makes its facilities available free of charge to users during set time slots, typically the track and field arena, 5-aside football pitch, and tennis, volleyball, basketball and handball courts.
Founded in 1946, the CUS (Centro Universitario Sportivo) has seen athletes of international renown involved in its history, such as Olympic champions Livio Berruti (sprint, 200 m), Eugenio Monti (bobsleigh), Francesca Bortolozzi (foil) and Rossano Galtarossa (rowing), to name but a few. There are some 5000 card holders, including 900 athletes in the nine competition sections, subscribers to numerous recreational courses, and over 1400 students who take part in the Ludi del Bo (Games open to students and employees of the University) and the National University Championships.
April 2017 saw the presentation of a masterplan for the creation of the new sports centre connected to the existing Cus facility > video of the project
There are a great many opportunities to take part in sports and witness sporting events: details can be found in the dedicated section of the Vivi Padova website, whilst the Studiare a Padova CARD offers students the chance to access numerous facilities at subsidized prices; in addition, every year the city hosts important international events, like the Saint Anthony Marathon.

  CUS - University Sport Centre

via Giordano Bruno 27
tel. +39 049 685222 +39 049 681761

Sport fields and structures
via Giordano Bruno 27
tel. +39 049 8801551
via J. Corrado 4
tel. +39 049 8076766

  Sport Centres, Stadiums and Swimming Pools - last update: 1 May 2018


Centro Sportivo Plebiscito
(climbing, football, swimming, squash, tennis, fitness, rugby)
via Geremia 2/2
tel.: +39 049 611133

Impianto Polifunzionale Brentella 
(basket, paddle, BMX, football,climbing, gym, volleyball, roller-skating, skateboarding, archery)
via Pelosa 74/c
tel.: +39 049 8716915

(canoeing, swimming, tennis)
via Decorati al Valor Civile 2
tel.: +39 049 681300

(hockey, roller-skating)
via D’Acquapendente 1/g
tel.: +39 049 8801262

Golf della Montecchia
via Montecchia 12
Selvazzano Dentro (PD)
tel.: +39 049 8055550

Couver Tennis
(tennis, five-a-side football)
via Monte Pertica 57
Tel.: +39 049 8761610

(beach volley, fitness, football, tennis, swimming)
via Vecellio 1
Ponte San Nicolò (PD)
tel.: +39 049 717222



Piazza Azzurri D’Italia (Arcella)
tel.: +39 049  8227114

(soccer; sometimes used for concerts and shows)
viale Nereo Rocco 60
tel.: +39 049 865 8341

Palafabris – San Lazzaro
(indoor sports; sometimes used for concerts and shows)
via San Marco 53
tel.: +39 049 738 617oasi 2000


Amusement Park
via Fogazzaro 8/d
tel.: +39 049 8805025

Complesso Natatorio Paltana
via Decorati al Valor Civile 2
tel.: +39 049 681300

Centro Sportivo Plebiscito
via Geremia 2/2
tel.: +39 049 611133

Oasi 2000
Via Pioveghetto, 9
tel.: +39 049 8712600

Società Nuotatori Padovani
via Tirana 23
tel.: +39 049 8710252


THERMAL SWIMMING POOLS (please note that the list below is only a limited selection of facilities; for further information please visit the official website)

Columbus Thermal Pool
via Martiri d’Ungheria 22 - 35036 Abano Terme (PD)
tel.: +39 049 8601555-0744

Esplanade Tergesteo
via Roma 54 - 35036 Montegrotto Terme (PD)
tel.: +39 049 8911777

piazza Roma 23 - 35036 Montegrotto Terme (PD)
tel.: +39 049 8911744

Terme Preistoriche
via Castello 5 - 35036 Montegrotto Terme (PD)
tel.: +39 049 793477