Music and shows

There is no lack of opportunity in town to listen to good music and take part in cultural activities. With the Studiare a Padova Card, and special agreements sponsored by the university, promotions and discounts are always available; visitors to the "Vinci i biglietti" (Win tickets) page on the website can win free admission to shows and events.
In addition to Concentus Musicus Patavinus, the University collaborates with musical associations like the students Centro d'Arte and Amici della Musica, who organize the concert season presented at the "Cesare Pollini" auditorium every year. The city stages numerous events, including the Padova jazz Festival, the Portello River Festival, the Summer Student Festival and the Radio Sherwood Festival.
Padova is one of the venues for the Teatro Stabile del Veneto and hosts many theatrical companies and institutions, like TAM teatromusica and the Teatro Popolare di Ricerca - Centro Universitario Teatrale, which puts on shows and organizes theatre workshops with university students and employees.
As for cinema, in addition to the many film theatres and clubs established in the city and its environs, there is the Centro Universitario Cinematografico (CUC), which over a period of more than 60 years has organized countless exhibitions, festivals and cultural initiatives, becoming an irreplaceable reference point for film buffs.

  Concentus Musicus Patavinus

Concentus Musicus Patavinus is the Centre for musical activities and performances of the University of Padua. It is composed by the groups:

  • Orchestra
  • Great choir
  • Chamber choir
  • Jazz band
  • Contemporary dance group

Director of the Concentus Musicus Patavinus: Elisa Grossato.

  Teatro Stabile del Veneto

Thanks to an agreement between the University and the Teatro Stabile del Veneto, students and employees of the university can get reductions on tickets and subscriptions for shows at the Teatro Verdi in Padova .

  Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto

An agreement between the University and the Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto provides subsidies for students and employees who purchase tickets and subscriptions for shows scheduled during the 51st concert season (2016-2017).

  Theatre and music - last update: 1 May 2018

Musical Theatre and Auditorium Cesare Pollini
via Cassan 17
tel.: +39 0498750648

Carichi Sospesi
vicolo Portello 12
tel.: +39 347 4214400 (theatre); +39 349 1362495 (music and tango classes); +39 347 0327311 (parties and events)

Gran Teatro Geox - Ex Foro Boario
corso Australia
tel.: +39 8644888

Piccolo Teatro don Bosco
via Asolo 2
tel.: +39 049 8827288

Teatro ai Colli
via Monte Lozzo 16
tel.: +39 049 8900599 - +39 345 8750799

Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi
via dei Livello 32
tel.: +39 0498777011 (switchboard)
tel.: +39 04987770213 (ticket office)

Teatro de LiNUTILE
via Agordat 5
tel.: +39 0492022907

via Messico 1
tel.: +39 049650294


Big Club
via Armistizio 68

Extra Extra
via Ciamician 5

Fishmarket Show Bar (Encs Membership Card needed)
via Fra’ Paolo Sarpi 37

Il Chiosco (Libertas Membership Card needed)
via Ariosto 10 (summer opening only)

Love Discoteque
via Bernina 18

Pixelle (Arci Membership Card needed)
via Turazza 19/4

Q Bar
vicolo dei Dotto 3


The Space Multisala
via Breda - 35010 Limena (PD)
tel.: +39 0497663400

Cineplex Multisala
via De Curtis 14 - 35020 Due Carrare (PD)
tel.: +39 0499126168

via Chiesanuova 90 - 35036 Padova (PD)
tel.: +39 0498722711

via Cavallotti 9
tel.: +39 049686443

MPX Multisala
via Bonporti, 22
tel.: +39 0498774325

via Tiziano Aspetti 21
tel.: +39 049604078

Piccolo Teatro
via Asolo 2
tel.: +39 0498827288

Porto Astra
via Santa Maria Assunta 204
tel.: +39 049680057

via Sant’Osvaldo 2
tel.: +39 049754116