At the end of your stay - Erasmus+ for Studies

  Step 1: Transcript of Records

In order to request the Transcript of Records (Statement of Exams Results), students have to wait for ALL the exams to be registered in the Uniweb Booklet and only then fill out the online form "Final Transcript of records" ( under the "Erasmus+ students" menu)

The Transcript of Records will be sent by email to the Home University, approximately in five weeks after the online request. If students want the Transcript of Records to be sent directly to them by post, they must go to the Student Office in Lungargine del Piovego, 2  providing a marca da bollo (revenue stamp)

Thesis, lab activities, training, seminars, partial exams (so called moduli):as these activities cannot be registered in the online booklet on Uniweb and will not be listed in the final Transcript of Records, students are required to ask the professor responsible for each individual activity to issue a certificate/declaration (for Medicine and Surgery students only: students should instead contact the Erasmus Office at the School of Medicine - via Giustiniani 2, Padova;

Please find below and dowload a sample of the "Short evaluation report for thesis work".

  Step 2: Final survey

KA 103: Erasmus+ for Studies with Programme Countries (i.e. the 28 EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, FYROM and Turkey)

Complete the MANDATORY final survey on your stay in Padua, by clicking on the link we will send you via email.
Once you submit the survey, please save the confirmation email and upload it in the "Certificate of Departure" form (see step 3).

KA107: Erasmus+ for Studies with Partner Countries (all the other countries in the world)

You will receive the link to the questionnaire by email directly from the European Commission some time around the end of your mobility.

  Step 3: Certificate of Departure

KA103 - Erasmus+ for Studies with Programme Countries, i.e. the EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and United Kingdom.

In order to collect the Certificate of Departure (or "Certificate of Attendance"), you should fill in the form available at (Erasmus + Students > Certificate of Departure).  A certificate attesting the presence in Padua will be sent to you via email.  
You should upload any document attesting your departure from Padua (boarding pass, train or bus ticket, highway toll receipt, etc). The date reported on the ticket will be considered the end date of your Erasmus mobility. In no case the date can be later than the end date of the semester.  

If your Home University requires its own Certificate of Departure to be signed, please upload it in the form (.doc or .docx formats are preferred).  
Please upload in the form the confirmation email of the submission of the survey. 

KA107: Erasmus+ for Studies with Partner Countries (all the other countries in the world)

In order to obtain an electronic copy of your Erasmus+ attendance certificate please send your return ticket by email to


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