Special benefits 2021-2022

For the academic year 2021/22, the University of Padua is focusing its student policies on the right to study by offering an extension of the total fee waiver for those with an ISEE of up to 24,000 with enrolment and merit requirements, free internet for a year, discounts on notebooks and tablets and a discount bonus for the purchase of books. Such extraordinary measures are added to the traditional wide range of scholarships, awards, and actions aimed at reducing tuition fees.

Internet and computer

  Free internet

Unipd supports you and provides you with a SIM card with 60GB data per month for the entire academic year.

It can be requested by all students regularly enrolled who have fallen behind with their studies by up to one year. For students enrolled who have fallen behind by more than one year, it is also guaranteed as long as the following requirements are met:

  • Isee equal or lower than € 50.000,00
  • At least 10 ECTS credits acquired by 10 August 2021

SIM cards will be activated by Unipd from 1 September 2021 or after this date within 4 working days of activation on the platform. The SIM allows you to use up to 60 GB per month of traffic for 12 months (missing payment of tuition fees or withdrawing from studies are reasons for the SIM card to be deactivated)

Those taking part in the Erasmus+Study programme can contact erasmus@unipd.it for more information, while those who will be doing their Erasmus at our University can get more information by contacting: erasmus.incoming@unipd.it.

You can apply online from mid-July 2021at aiutididattica.unipd.it 

  Discounts on notebooks and tablets

If you are a Unipd student you will be able to benefit from special rates for the purchase of notebooks and tablets thanks to agreements with affiliated retailers.

You can apply online from mid-July 2021 at aiutididattica.unipd.it.


  Book discount bonus

The University is offering a discount bonus of € 100 euros to support the costs incurred for the purchase of books.

Eligibility requirements:

  • you should be enrolled on a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Single-cycle degree programme for the 2021/22 a.y. (and have paid the first instalment due);
  • you should have an ISEE for the Right to Higher Education or an ISEE Parificato not exceeding € 50,000.00;

if you have fallen behind by more than one year, you should have earned aAt least 10 ECTS credits acquired before 10 August 2021.

The list of bookshops will be made available at the beginning of October, and the closing date for applications is 30 November. Apply on-line at  aiutididattica.unipd.it.

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