Covid-19 Measures for Students

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Covid-19 Measures for Students

As of September 1, 2021, all students must also possess a valid COVID-19 Green Certification nor a Certificate of Medical Exemption for COVID-19 Immunization.  As of September 13, 2021, all students must also complete the form Self-Certification to Access University Buildings (Dichiarazione di accesso alle strutture universitarie)” available at the following link:

The operational procedures for resuming in-person teaching activities, exams and graduation ceremonies are published at the following link: Student Guidelines for the return of in-person teaching activities.

The new Italian Law Decree states "The urgent measures for safe schools, universities, social and transportation activities” (Italian Law Decree of August 6, 2021, no. 111) establishes a new set of safety provisions for the return of university activities held in-person, as well as for students.

From September 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021, students that wish to participate in in-person academic activities must possess and demonstrate a valid COVID-19 Green Certification (Green Pass), verification is the sole responsibility of each university.
Information for receiving t he EU Digital COVID Green Certificate

Mask wearing remains mandatory for all in-person activities (with the exception of those with pathologies incompatible). Social distancing remains enforced for buildings and structure of suitable capacity. It remains forbidden to enter or stay on university premises for those with respiratory symptoms or body temperature above 37.5 ° C.

Universities may exclude the mandatory use masks for students who have completed the vaccination cycle or have a valid certificate of recovery.

Student guidelines for the return of in-person teaching activities (effective from September 1 to December 31, 2021)

Guidelines teaching of the first semester, academic year 2021/2022

App OrariUnipd. Record your presence in the classroom 

FAQ – COVID-19 effects on
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